fashion + awareness + participation 

CRITICA DE LO INVISIBLE | Altrapo Lab & La Casa EncendidaWinner design of Remake Textil Competition

Drawing inspiration from puffer coats I wondered if fabric leftovers could be used as a filling. 

With this in mind I shredded small fabric scraps from previous jobs and created a down jacket with a twofold goal: to become a fashionable garment but also an artistic piece with a conceptual and activist load that underlines the hundreds of thousands of tons of textile waste that end up in landfills annually.

The arrangement of colours and its transparent design give the piece an aesthetic value that turns it into a wearable art object which appeals to the need for greater transparency and more responsible practices. From a consumer’s point of view the garment underlines the need to revalue and to re-signify existing resources in our society, but also to the responsible consumption of fashion.