Performative installation (2018)
Concept, costume, set: olmedam
Performance: Jacopo Buccino
Soundscape: Rafael Murillo Rosado

“The violence [Gewalt] of positivity that derives from overproduction, overachievement, and overcommunication is no longer "viral." [...] Likewise, exhaustion, fatigue, and suffocation -when too much exists- do not constitute immunological reactions.“

“The excesiveness of performance enhancement leads to psychic infarctions.”

“The depressive human being is an animal laborans that exploits itself and it does so voluntarilly without external constraints. It is predator and prey at once. The self in the strong sense of the word, still represents an immunological category. However, depression eludes all immunological schemes. It erupts at the moment when the achievement-subject is no longer able to be able.”

Excerpts from The Burnout SocietyByung-Chul Han
     (pp. 5, 10 and 31)

Tailored Bucket

2018(29 x 28 x 23 cm
15 litres, Dries Van Noten wool, horsehair canvas, steel and cardboard)

Performative Installation “A Transformation”

March 2018
Presented at Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, Lange Zaal