D. C. B. C. D. [data.carrying.bodies.carrying.data]

performative installation 2019, Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp

This performative installation attempts at making a portrait of the postmodern self: that which exists in a world where the physical and the virtual merge into one. In this new paradigm, the self inhabits new environments where space, time and distance do not exist while at the same time it is tied to a physical reality with boundaries and limitations. As Margot Lovejoy once said “the postmodern self is distracted and atomized into multiple heterogeneous domains sheared away from conscious life”.

This performance becomes a metaphor of a physical space governed by hyperreality, artificial intelligence, invisible streams of data and layers of information. How can we exist in a space that, in one hand offers endless possibilities while, at the same time, confronts us with our own physical limitations?

Concept and design: Miguel Peñaranda
Soundscape: Manuela Vilanova
Performance: Gert Portael, Daan Jaartsveld, Meike Stevens and Machias Bosschaerts
Photos: Johan Pijpops