I harvested lavender and herb of grace while the crescent moon hung over my head in the dark night. My feet soaking in the damp grass. The moonlight made the forest I found myself pale and gray. Suddenly a small red star caught my eye. How strange I thought, a little red star. The longer I looked at her, the greater the attraction became. It seemed as if she swallowed me with her presence. I was paralyzed. Warm urine streamed down my leg. What was it I was looking at? A strange feeling overcame my sensation...

In Mars we follow three characters in their search for another life. They have the desire to enter the great unknown in the hope of building a new life there.

Concept: Gina Beuk
Performance: Gina Beuk, Jef Hellemans and Lucie Plasschaert
Directed by Jonas Baeke
Production and dramaturgy: Iris Donders
Set: Anne Beuk and Paul Beuk
Costumes: Olmedam