S W I P E   I S L A N D


Online we are limitless and we go in search of #love en masse. Swiping, scrolling, surfing, searching, linking, vibing, yearning, smashing. The Internet as a paradise of palpitations and heartache. In the virtual world, we can infinitely stretch the possibilities of who we are and how we shape ourselves, beyond gender #fluid. On our digital island, if they have reached the right level, participants can even be a mermaid #mermaidpower. Discover a world where Tinder poetry hangs like tiles on the wall, where horses glide away when you no longer need them and you are never sure who is hiding behind which Avatar.

direction: Eva Line de Boer – acting: Giovanni Brand – Kimberley Agyarko – Meriç Tuna Yildiz – Pip Lieke Lucas – set and light design: Tim Vermeulen – sound and composition: Harpo ’t Hart – costume design: Miguel Peñaranda – video: Karlijn Milder & Mats Logen (Studio AKATAK) – set sound and grading: Martina Fazekas – grafic design and after effects: Bauer & Bauer – technique: Robin Kiezebrink