T H E  T H R E E P E N N Y

by Bertolt Brecht

“The Threepenny Opera is an early example of Brecht’s employment of “epic theater,” [...] Brecht’s version of epic theater was meant to educate rather than to entertain [...] Brecht employs the alienation effect by focusing the play’s action on the audience’s reality [where] individuals are forced to think about the issues for themselves.” 
Excerpt extracted from Sparknotes.com 
The new dramaturgy for this work poses its main focus on the contemporary culture of societal mass consumption. Limbs and walking canes from Brecht’s original play are substituted by laptops and mobile devices. The prostitutes become a choir of teenagers all “chain-dressed”, while the beggars of the story become the “new beggars”, that is, consumers who camp for days outside of a shop in order to buy new, limited-editions of the latest trends.

Dramaturgy, set and costume design: olmedam

Costume design collages

Costumes after designs