In online environments, where visual communication is increasingly becoming more important than language, we can see a return to matter as a conveyor of meaning; that is, matter as a significant element which has been granted its original status as a discursive source.

According to Paula Murphy, new materialism is a branch of posthumanist studies that emphasises the function and significance of embodiment in a postmodern, posthumanist culture in which the concept of the human and the experience of human life is sometimes dislocated, fragmented and disembodied70.

Additionally, new materialism, among other topics, also supports the importance of locating experiences within the body, the agency of the body, and the ethical imperatives for embodied accounts of subjectivity. In this regard, it is key to consider Karen Barad’s analysis of the relationship between discourse and matter. Her departing point is that language has been granted too much primacy over matter, when the latter is inextricably discursive and cannot be separated from meaning.” In Barad’s account, both language and matter should be privileged in the same way. Matter means as much as language does.

(70) Murphy, P., (2017) "You Feel Real to Me Samantha": The Matter of Technology in Spike Jonze’s Her. Technoculture: An Online Journal of Technology in Society. Vol: 7.

Excerpt extracted from own MA dissertation CORPUS DELICTI: the representation of the body in the postdigital era


Body cushions, 2019
(set of four, own digital design onto sublimated lycra and padding, scale 1:1)

Golden Jacket, 2019
(set of four, own digital design onto sublimated lycra and padding, scale 1:1)

Unlike an ideographic language, QR codes contain meaning without any pictorial resemblance to any concrete object. The complexity of the black and white pattern is determined by the content of the code itself.

This hand embossed leather jacket removes QR codes from their functionality, easy accessibility and two-dimensionality to turn them into decorative reliefs that carry complex, computerized information.

With this homage to the Golden Record, the jacket represents Like a new, undeciphered writing system, the jacket becomes an exclusive object which speculates about an archaeology of the future

Shown at Gallery Coherent Brussels 
Expo Clouds aren’t my friends anymore, July 2019 with work by Abel Jallais, Circé Reed  
Voice over extracted from Y. Harari’s "Listen to Google: from theism to humanism
to data-ism”